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A Personal Experience

January 25, 2009

June 2008

After a long and tiresome flight Evonne and I arrived safely in Kampala, Uganda amidst the early evening humidity.  Uganda was as I’d expected- beautiful, rustic and still bustling, though the stars were peeping through.

My trip with the Artfully AWARE team was to last only a week before the others headed north for art and play workshops with various organisations, as well as to make cross cultural links and network for future projects.  My time would be spent in Kampala. A good night’s sleep and an early morning meeting with the rest of the Artfully AWARE kicked off my trip.

Student from Tororo Youth Centre with his paintings.

Student from Tororo Youth Centre with his paintings.

I was excited as both our team and I had every ounce of confidence in our mission, goals and programmes, and I was keen to find out how we would be received by the organisations we were meeting with.  However, I was also nervous as I wanted things to go well, thus proving that Artfully AWARE has programmes and products that are desired.

The first meeting was a rousing success and set the stage for the ones that followed.  The week that continued was, for me, a series of day-long meetings and evening de-briefs with the team- though of course there were a few nights where the local drinks were sampled as well as the local cuisine!  Much recommended!

Though I spent only a week in Uganda, it was full of adventure, it was eventful and extremely successful.  I left Kampala with even more conviction in our organisation.  Tired but enthralled, I hugged the team goodbye and wished them luck as they set of for the next chapter on Artfully AWARE’s Ugandan agenda.

Zillah Edwards

Assistant Director

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