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AfA’s New York City Fundraiser and Advocacy Event

January 25, 2009

November 7, 2008

There’s no town like New York City! NYC was where Artfully AWARE put on its first official fundraiser and advocacy event in the United States on November 7, 2008. Tucked away near Wall Street, AfA showcased and sold artwork from African artists who participated in AfA’s Uganda programmes – many of whom had never painted or drawn before. We raised over $1,000 from the event, which also featured The Melissa Kate Band, whose original music entertained a crowd of enthusiastic attendees.

The NYC ground team – comprised of Suzanne Hyde, Joey Naham and Heather Metcalfe – transformed the small club into an art gallery, matting and hanging the works of art along with stories from the artists themselves. The art was sold through a silent auction, and photographer Eric Yorkes documented it all in his beautiful photographs.

NYC Fundraiser and Advocacy Event
NYC Fundraiser and Advocacy Event.

The event also served to open communication with arts organisations across the country, as well as introducing the organisation to NYC residents, arts educators and leaders in the arts community, initiating a fundraising method that can be repeated in cities across the country. Every attendee received an AfA Adbook as a memento after their participation in a raffle for one of the works of art.

Artfully AWARE is quickly making its presence known among people who care about the process of creativity, and who know the impact it can have. Events like this are just one way we are reaching out to the public to generate support, showcase the artists in our programmes, and begin to take the steps that will help us transform lives through the arts.

Melissa Kate

USA Director

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