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Community Book Project Update

May 12, 2009

The Community Book Project is now fully up and running between Brookfield Community School in Chesterfield, England and the Karin Children’s Medical Centre in Gulu, Uganda. The second set of books have been received in Gulu with great enthusiasm, featuring the topics, ‘Seasons’, ‘Weather in Chesterfield’ and ‘Festivals’ such as Christmas and how festivasl are celebrated in the UK.

The project is proving to be a great success and a source of excitement for the students. Lucy Morgan at Brookfield says, “I think that it’s very exciting that we get to write a book about ourselves and send it to someone because it is going to another country.” Sophie Dewick says, “I felt excited about making the book because we knew that the children would enjoy learning about what life was like for us in England.”

Sophie also spoke of how she feels about wating to receive a book from the children in Gulu, “I feel quite nervous to receive the book because I don’t know what to expect. Also, it will be interesting to find out all about their lives and the differences between us and them.” Robert Macleay says, “I’m excited about receiving the book because I want to learn all about what their life is like.”

Since the inception of The Community Book Project last year, the students are thrilled to be involved. It is proving to be a very positive exchange between the two countries.

Evonne Hill

School Education Director

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