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AfA with Not Part Of Festival and Mooch Art Gallery

July 29, 2009

Hilary Wallis and The Fancy Toys. Photo credit: Julie Spellman

On Sunday 5th July Manchester’s Great Northern outdoor amphitheatre was transformed in to an artistic playground when Artfully AWARE, a not for profit Arts for Development Organisation, along with an injection of The Fancy Toys, with their fresh, exciting and utterly unique style of music, hosted a live Art In Action event, as an eclectic and energetic Part of the (quite ironically) Not Part Of Festival.

Music and Art were fused to create a day that was perfect for all ages and genres of audience. It was an event that was free for all to benefit from, and through the use of unusual instruments. The Fancy Toys attracted a diverse range of people assisting Artfully AWARE in lifting the mood of the city for an afternoon of enjoyment. Artfully AWARE had their very own artists spread around the amphitheatre, painting on huge canvases live to the music whilst using the backdrop of the Great Northern, a landmark in Manchester’s city centre. To involve the public even further Artfully AWARE presented the public with the opportunity to partake in some art themselves by using the mini painting workshop station and art supplies on offer.

Dotted around the huge open space children danced and painted flowers, adults listened enthusiastically to the music, chatted and painted the band, and couples smiled whilst painting each other. A fusion of the arts, the participation of the public together with a dash of sunshine meant that the day was a huge success for all of those that were lucky enough to be there for the event.

AfA Community Members' artwork at Mooch Gallery

Through participation in the Not Part Of Festival Artfully AWARE, has been fortunate to gain support of one of Manchester’s prestigious Art Galleries ‘Mooch-Art’, which has galleries on both Oldham Street and in The Triangle. A six week exhibition which began on Monday 6th July is showcasing Artfully AWARE paintings from a series of art for empowerment workshops held with vulnerable adults and youth from partner communities in rural Uganda. Partnering with the Not Part of Festival and Mooch Art has been vital for Artfully AWARE in establishing firm links with Manchester. The organisation is thriving and can now be seen as a huge asset to the arts for development sector within this vibrant and hugely artistic city.

Zillah Edwards, UK Managing Director

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