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May 30, 2010


Artfully AWARE US

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New York, NY 10003
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Saturday May 29, 2010


May 30, 2010 —
This coming Monday is Memorial Day – the time as a country we set aside to remember those who have died serving our country. Monday will also mark the 41st day of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill.According to associate professor, Steven Wereley, of Purdue University the oil flow rates are between 56,000 and 84,000 barrels per day. By Monday morning, the BP Oil Spill will have reached a flow surpassing the Exxon Valdez twelve times over.

A black oily sledge will soon cover thirty-five miles along the ‘finest and whitest sands in the world’ dredging onto our Gulf Coast beaches the dead bodies of countless fish, birds and plant life.

Richard Charter, Senior Policy Adviser on marine programs with Defenders of Wildlife said Friday in US TODAY “For anyone who cares about national treasures, this is your worse nightmare. And it’s not over.”

The Exxon Valdez has taught us that this oil spill will take many years of clean-up and restoration. There are no easy answers. It will take years of clean-up and our pristine coastlines may be gone forever. We must plan for change, and all change begins with a vision.

Hilary Wallis, fine arts painter, international activist and Executive Director of Artfully AWARE will be leaving from Sarasota, Florida en route to Louisiana this Tuesday, June 1st to document the Gulf Oil Spill, photograph the environment and community reaction along the Gulf Coast.

From these images she will create a series of fine art paintings – depicting a new vision – and visual inspiration- for our coastal communities.

Hilary said, “I thought back to other times of great upheaval in our history. I thought about war and loss. Then I remembered the significance that art played during the Renaissance – a period of great chaos and emerging technology – a tipping point in history. Vision precedes action.

Hilary has traveled and worked in nearly seventy countries using art as a journalistic tool to inform the public about urgent issues and unite communities in times of distress. Her authenticity and insight have earned her respect as an artist, change agent and commissions with international aid organizations, such as but not limited to:

  • CARE,
  • The International Rescue Committee,
  • The Global Campaign for Education,
  • The National Conference for Community and Justice


  • Plan International

As a trained journalist, Hilary sees deeply into a situation. Through her art she will translate truth and tragedy into the hope and inspiration that is needed to inspire sustainable solutions.

Hilary’s art series will be:

  • Displayed in galleries, museums and community events providing inspiration to residents along the Gulf Coast and thousands of tourists and professionals that visit our beaches every year.
  • Educational materials will be made available to private and public schools and community programs.
  • Prints will be made available for sale with a percentage of proceeds going directly to Gulf Coast non-profits such as the The Greater New Orleans Foundation.

Thanks to strong community support, the monies required for this project to commence were raised.

While we cannot prevent the flow of destruction headed our way, we can meet it with insight, intelligence and wisdom.

We have the vision; please help us take action.

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  1. Henry permalink
    June 2, 2010 2:03 am

    We must NOT squander this opportunity to learn from this disaster and Hilary’s artistic style, we’ll surely be informed and educated………

    Thank you Hilary

  2. June 18, 2010 6:40 pm

    nicely written thank You. Liz

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