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New Artwork has arrived on Artfully AWARE’s Online Store

April 16, 2011

Art is a motivator, a force of empowerment and a source of support for people of all races, nationalities, ages, economic situations and genders. Art comes in the form of strength to those who lack confidence, wish for a mental escape from harsh environments or who seek to restore happiness and hope in times of great need.

We are proud to partner with professional artists who recognise the struggles their communities are confronting while developing creative and innovative approaches to address these issues and bring about change. They are visionaries, providing inspiration and optimism in the face of these challenges. Please visit our online store to view over 40 individual items created by professional artists, photographers and community members:

Please click here for our online store.

An income reduces poverty levels immeasurably, yet many communities have limited opportunities when it comes to participating in income generating activities. Artfully AWARE teaches training programmes and workshops to enable communities to create meaningful, beautiful artwork such as paintings, jewellery and crafts which are sold to generate an income, thus reducing poverty. We purchase what they produce at a fair market value and the communities make make a profit. To continue the cycle and develop sustainability, we show and promote the artwork to receive proceeds that are fed right back into our programmes.

Artfully AWARE’s own Artwork Line incorporates sellable products that include but are not exclusively limited to: paintings, photographs, prints, greeting cards and specially designed accessories. Proceeds are fed back into our educational and therapeutic programmes.

You can help support communities that are benefiting highly from our income generating activities by providing us with an opportunity to market and sell our unique and special items at retail stores, gift shops, craft stalls, festivals or galleries. All purchases are tax deductible and are shipped directly to your home. Your support dramatically helps us maintain our work in communities by purchasing art supplies, funding teachers and training participants in new skills.

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