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‘Indzaba Yetfu’ Art Exhibition a success

July 3, 2011

MBABANE – Yebo Art gallery, the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and 22 local artists, celebrated an opening reception to launch the ‘Indzaba Yetfu’ art exhibition in Ezulwini on Friday.

The exhibition featured work by local artists who spent their time visiting PEPFAR partner organisations and worked across the country to combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Each artist produced an art piece to reflect the work they witnessed. The result was the comprehensive exhibit portraying how Swaziland is working towards a healthier future for its people.

The guest of honour at this event was the American Ambassador to Swaziland, Earl Irving, who was the main speaker at the reception. He thanked the artists for participating in this very unique project.

“Through a variety of media we can now see what impact the PEPFAR partners are having in Swaziland and our eyes are also opened to the extraordinary talent of Swazi artists.”


He also thanked the PEPFAR partners and Aleta Armstrong, an artist and owner of the Yebo! Art Gallery for co-ordinating such an outstanding show and ensuring the participation of a range of Swazi artists.

Irving told PEPFAR partners that the artwork clearly portrays how their work is saving lives, preventing new infections and providing care to the people of Swaziland.

“The US Embassy and the PEPFAR programme are proud to support your work and we think this new way of highlighting your activities will alert others here, in the region and beyond to the innovative ways you address the HIV/AIDS epidemic every day,” he said.

Yebo! Art Gallery’s Aleta Armstrong, also expressed appreciation for the collaboration between the US Embassy, PEPFAR, and YEBO!. She further praised the commitment of the artists who created pieces for the exhibition. She highlighted the important role that art plays in helping interpret events, issues and emotions that arise in our daily lives. Armstrong encouraged people to come view the exhibits on display until July 23, and invited schools to book a time to bring pupils for a tour of the gallery.

Exhibitors on the day included Khulekani Msweli and House on Fire’s Phuzo Mtshali, to name a few.

For more information about Yebo! Art Gallery and to view the artwork in the exhibit, visit their website: http://www.yebo

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