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About Artfully AWARE


Ugandan Artist Justin Igala with students from Tororo Youth Centre participating in an AfA programme.

Ugandan Artist Justin Igala with students from Tororo Youth Centre participating in an AfA programme.

Artfully AWARE (AfA) is a global not for profit organization that uses the arts as an important tool for social improvement and emotional recovery of persons who have experienced traumatic events, disabilities or inadequate living conditions. We are a member of the United Nations Global Compact, and our board of directors and advisors serve in leadership capacities with organizations including the Aspen Cancer Conference, The Hunger Project, Council of American Ambassadors, UN Women and USAID. We implement a range of educational arts programs locally, nationally and internationally, in order to promote empowerment, cultural understanding and enable individual and community development. Our work provides the opportunity to create arts projects, exhibitions, performances and educational curriculum. Through the implementation of our fine art, drama, dance, music and media programs, we see to support the development of psychological well being, increase self-esteem and enhance community capacity building.

Artfully AWARE extends an invitation to all businesses, philanthropic foundations, artists of all persuasions and individuals who have a stake in wanting to give members of our communities the tools for empowerment through art. This is an opportunity to partner with us by helping to create tailor made programmes designed to provide opportunities, in the same unique way that we have given back to communities in New York, Florida, the U.K., Uganda, South Africa and Swaziland. We continue to demonstrate how the power of artistic education and workshops can generate income for both the community, as well as for the individual artists by helping to provide shelter, food and a platform for individual expression through a collaborative support system.


Artfully AWARE aims to strengthen sustainable futures in both developed and developing societies by using the arts to enrich, educate and empower individuals and communities.

Through the implementation of our fine art, drama, dance, music and media programmes, Artfully AWARE also seeks to support the development of psychological well-being, increase self-esteem and enhance community capacity building.


We envision a world where those suffering from internal or external forms of stress may find relief and inspiration from the arts in order to improve self-esteem and become empowered, more fulfilled and productive members of society.


  • To involve all types of artists and educators from both developed and developing communities in cultural exchange and teaching programmes that will eventually be self-sustaining and run by local trainers.
  • Strengthen communities psycho-socially by bringing people together to share in a journey of exploration and celebration of the arts.
  • Recover the ideal of expression in depressed societies by providing a medium for people to speak through their art and to form connections with similar societies as well as with the developed world.
  • Assist in generating locally allocated and managed sources of income for participating communities through a series of artistic productions, exhibitions and by displaying and auctioning artwork at public fundraising events, while concurrently increasing awareness of social, cultural and economic challenges.


Artfully AWARE works in two ways:
1) We provide services to groups who wish to partner and work with us, such as humanitarian agencies, schools, arts organisations, youth and community groups and heath institutions. Our services can promote community capacity building, education, sustainable development, team building and can contain therapeutic benefits.

Artfully AWARE’s services include:

  • Creating and facilitating educational partnerships by linking schools and communities through artistic projects.
  • Designing ready and tailor-made drama, dance, music, media and visual arts programmes, activities and interactive workshops.
  • Developing arts-based school curricula.
  • Using multimedia tools such as photography and the creation of films to enhance communications messaging.
  • Coordinating cultural exchange visits, events and showcases.

2) We implement a Sustainable Models Plan in selective communities. Communities are selected by a number of factors including dependability, needs, etc. Artfully AWARE creates sustainability by training local community leaders and teachers to run programmes while we continue to provide materials and support.

Our specific arts based projects, programmes and activities are based on seven Models:

  • Mental Health
  • Education
  • Public Awareness
  • Community Needs
  • Income Generating
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Hollistic Approach

Please visit our website to learn more:

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  1. Ernest Chikuni permalink
    February 4, 2010 5:15 pm

    To whom it may concern:

    I write to express my interest in this wonderful programme. My friends and I (we are known as Marvel Pix), all from Malawi, a country in central Africa, have a project, which we would like to implement by all manner of means. The project is a local film, entitled ONE’S FATE, based on true life situations and highlights issues of HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, violation of children’s rights and many other problems in Malawi as well as the rest of Africa.

    Will you please, therefore, forward me your email and the name of the person to contact for a proper and detailed proposal of our project.

    Yours Truely:
    Ernest Chikuni.

  2. Paul Cook permalink
    April 29, 2012 7:34 pm

    Your website is very interesting,,,I don’t know if you got my previous post but I have a carving given to me by nelson the 1970’s…I was unaware of what happened to him, very tragic but one can’t change the past. I need to know if this carving has any value and if so how would I find out?
    If you can help me in anyway, I would be very appreciative.
    Yours truly,
    Paul Cook

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